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The Perth Metropolitan Market segments were a berries and vegetable general marketplaces located at 840 (Tons 500-504) Wellington Neighborhood in Western world Perth from 1929 to 1989, when they changed with their current site in Canning Vale.
The marketplaces were actually founded at Roe Road, Perth, at the traditional western end of the railway stop (regularly known as the “Old Markets”), with a far more comprehensive market created over a 111-acre site, bounded by Wellington, Sutherland and Market Roadways by the Metropolitan Market Trust. The Trust was set up by the federal government in Sept 1927. The Wellington Streets Markets were officially exposed on 14 June 1929 by the Deputy Top of European Australia, John Willcock. The website contained an auctioneering area (72,750 sq feet), meat market segments (2,400 sq foot) and egg and chicken marketplaces (9,900 sq foot). The website also included a general population restaurant, postoffice and several bank or investment company branch offices.
With the 1950s protective limitations on road transfer by the street Transport Regulation Plank were being lightened, plus more trucking of produce into and from the market segments was starting to have influence on Wellington Street.
The shutting down of varied freight services on the European Australian Authorities Railways system as it was evolved to a bulk freight procedure, and its own new brand and design of operation, saw the positioning of the market segments and closeness to the central business region and the high land prices as issues.
Various reviews and changes to operations at the market segments were occurring before the closure.
In 1990, the Metropolitan Market Trust transformed its name to the Perth Market Specialist and in 1989 the Specialist relocated the market segments to a niche site in Canning Vale.
The initial market site has since been redeveloped and it is the website of Watertown Brand Electric outlet Centre and the office buildings of the Royal Vehicle Club of European Australia.

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