Sunglasses or sunshine glasses are a kind of protecting eyewear designed generally to prevent excellent sun rays and high-energy obvious light from damaging or discomforting the eye. They are able to sometimes also work as a visual help, as variously termed spectacles or spectacles exist, featuring lens that are shaded, polarized or darkened. In the first 20th century, these were also called sunshine cheaters (cheaters as an American slang term for eyeglasses).
The North american Optometric Association advises sunglasses every time a person is within the sun. to safeguard the eye from ultraviolet rays (UV) and blue light, which can cause several serious eyesight problems. Its use is mandatory soon after some surgical treatments, such as LASIK, and advised for a certain time frame in dusty areas, when going out of the home and before a TV display screen or computer keep an eye on after LASEK. Glasses have always been associated with stars and film stars mostly from a wish to mask their individuality. Because the 1940s, shades have been popular as a fashion equipment, especially on the beach.

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